Radio & Records, Inc.

High-school intern marketplace and ad designer to Jr. Art Director. For 21 years I had the privilege of cutting my teeth with some of the most talented executives in the radio and music industry including founders Bob Wilson and Robert Kardashian.

Helped R&R transition from paste-up magazine to electronic fax and website leaders.

1989-1995: Advertising Designer. Responsible for design and production of R&R weekly Marketplace section where radio and voice over personality would search for the new career.

1996-2003: Design all incarnations of the award winning R&R website, including and
Main Designer of R&Rs propriety softwares Music Tracking and Music Meeting.
Yearly music format specials designer.

2006: Redesigned R&Rs logo and all corporate branding after Nielsen/VNU/Billboard buyout until closer in 2009.

2009: Contracted by VNU to design UI/UX Nielsen’s Video Game Tracking Software.

ServicesArt Direction, DesignYear2019

Radio & Records Logo
Radio & Records 35th Anniversary Special
Radio & Records Alternative Special 1999
Radio & Records Music Tracking UX/UI
Radio & Records Music Meeting UX/UI
Radio & Records Rock Special 1999
Radio & Records Alternative Special 1998
Radio & Records Rock Special 1998
Radio & Records 25th Anniversary Cover