Frandsen Design / Bongo Comics

Marilyn Frandsen Design, Hollywood, CA.
Lead Freelance Designer for 15 years. Duties included layout design, coloration, production and mechanicals. Primary annual projects included Complete season DVD Packaging for 20th Century Fox Animation / Bongo Comics “The Simpsons”.

Contributed in production and design of packaging for Complete Seasons 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 20 while working for Book and DVD designer Marilyn Frandsen. Role included booklet design and boxshot mockups, coloration, mechanicals.

Other Fox projects included Garfield Gets Real & American Dad Vol. 5, Simpsons 20th Season, Futurama, Family Guy

ServicesArt Direction, DesignYear2019

The Simpsons Movie DVD Cover
American Dad Volume 5 Cover
Simpsons Comics Wing Ding
Simpson Comics Strike Back Cover Art